INNA 'Heartbreaker' full album


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    H I EmonAcum lună

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  • Game Hunt Live
    Game Hunt LiveAcum lună

    fucking awesome song idk how much repatly heard those song

  • V.I.P Dance
    V.I.P DanceAcum lună

    Just imagine how many hours they had to practice to get the clapping in sync

  • Svitlana Kravchuk
    Svitlana KravchukAcum lună

    Thanks for this. I love it.

  • piotr chwalisz
    piotr chwaliszAcum lună

    amazing I love it

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    Kelo tvAcum lună

    I love music

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    Kelo tv

    Acum lună

    k o e r f s I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰😘😘😘😍😍😘

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    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you🥰😍🥰😍

  • Amar LeGalsené
    Amar LeGalsenéAcum lună

    If I'm angry I listen inna I'll be ok

  • Hilola Shodieva
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  • Rubel Hossain
    Rubel HossainAcum lună

    My petty girl inna so hot

  • Rubel Hossain
    Rubel HossainAcum lună

    Thanks dear

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  • Md Sabbir
    Md SabbirAcum lună

    Love song❤️

  • Sergiu Garnautan
    Sergiu GarnautanAcum lună

    Am pus acest album pe repeat Si am zidit 2 zile cu FOK ))) Un mare mare respect INNA!!!

  • Vitalina Atamanuyk
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  • Ömer Torun
    Ömer TorunAcum lună

  • olivier hamel
    olivier hamelAcum lună

    excellent album

  • Irina Florina Obrocea
    Irina Florina ObroceaAcum lună

    Inna înseamnă perfectul, tot ceea ce este ea este perfect 🥰🥰🥰cântăreața mea de suflet 😥😥

  • Руслан Сахно
    Руслан СахноAcum lună

    Инну люблю

  • Lucia De simone
    Lucia De simoneAcum 2 luni

    Come hai fatto aprire un canale

  • Lucia De simone

    Lucia De simone

    Acum 2 luni

    Mi rispondi

  • Mañana Azul
    Mañana AzulAcum 2 luni

    Gracias por subirlo ❤️

  • Mariana Pronoza
    Mariana PronozaAcum 2 luni

    Albumul tau este leacul perfect pentru sufletul meu!

  • Saurio Argentino
    Saurio ArgentinoAcum 2 luni

    Un album perfecto de una artista sublime. Te amo Inna!!

  • Johnangel Zabaleta
    Johnangel ZabaletaAcum 2 luni

    Fuck! Inna is FIRE🔥 One of my Fav artists since I listen to HOT.

  • Beatrice Rebenciuc
    Beatrice RebenciucAcum 2 luni

    21.30 piesa?

  • k o e r f s

    k o e r f s

    Acum 2 luni

    sunset dinner

  • Linch Блогер
    Linch БлогерAcum 2 luni

    Gowno, kall (

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  • Kurly Yan
    Kurly YanAcum 2 luni

    What’s the first song called ?

  • k o e r f s

    k o e r f s

    Acum 2 luni

    Maza jaja

  • Petra Hornáčková
    Petra HornáčkováAcum 2 luni

    ♡ Flashback ♡

  • Halap Valiyev
    Halap ValiyevAcum 2 luni

    Love You INNA❤️

  • Bahattın Yılmaz
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  • Kaisan Facts
    Kaisan FactsAcum 2 luni

    Thx for marging

  • Инесса Владиславовна
    Инесса ВладиславовнаAcum 2 luni

    Inna, you are the best, brilliant, talented and Soul !!!!

  • INNA Kazakhstan
    INNA KazakhstanAcum 3 luni

    Queen of the Dance Music 🎶

  • Bedirhan Ceylan
    Bedirhan CeylanAcum 3 luni

    You did very well.

  • eve parker
    eve parkerAcum 3 luni

    such an awesome album.. my fav track has to be 'One Reason'

  • M P
    M PAcum 3 luni

    Wow I'm impressed! Every song is a delight!Love it❤❤❤❤

  • David Ricardo
    David RicardoAcum 3 luni

    Esta canción se parece a una de Madisson Beer - Baby (el primer single De INNA)

  • Przemek Kanonier
    Przemek KanonierAcum 3 luni

    Najlepszy album na świecie ,muzyka na siłownie do auta do biegania coś pieknego. Inna jest najlepsza i tyle w temacie

  • arpa roy
    arpa royAcum 3 luni

    My favourite song...❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Forte piano
    Forte pianoAcum 3 luni

    What is the prelast song,who know?

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    Acum 3 luni


  • Diana Mac
    Diana MacAcum 3 luni

    Gold mine 🤗

  • сергей сусличенко
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  • Yahya. Mob
    Yahya. MobAcum 4 luni

    very good

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  • 《♡Army Kız♡》
    《♡Army Kız♡》Acum 4 luni

    Wow UwU Easye video 👌

  • Fatih KAFA
    Fatih KAFAAcum 4 luni

    müzikler fenna ınna ablam

  • ktnvstr
    ktnvstrAcum 4 luni

    Всегда супер трек!!! Тьт.

  • Story Crim Mss
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  • Leticia Vieira
    Leticia VieiraAcum 4 luni

    Gucci Balenciaga 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Christine Ferreira
    Christine FerreiraAcum 4 luni

    Beautiful Album! Fantastic !! Great Music!! Amazing voice!!💟💜💛💚😍🤗👩‍🎤🎤🎛🎙🎛🎧🎸🎹🥁🎺🎻🎸🎹🎶🎵🎼🎶

  • Pop Fethi
    Pop FethiAcum 4 luni

    🎶Top 😍 music 🎶

  • Money Mastery
    Money MasteryAcum 4 luni

    she is so unique!!

  • Lilia Rose
    Lilia RoseAcum 4 luni

    I just can't stop listening to this album! My favorite song is "Till forever" ♡ Greetings from Bulgaria

  • Dill Mill Gaye
    Dill Mill GayeAcum 4 luni

    My fav: beautiful lie But definitly The entire album is a master piece

  • Kamil Abbadi
    Kamil AbbadiAcum 4 luni

    I love this song. Listen from Palestine 🇵🇸

  • WillyWonkaConfidential
    WillyWonkaConfidentialAcum 4 luni

    Love from norway

  • Fabster
    FabsterAcum 4 luni

    Probably most complete album ever released😬

  • Mari Mari
    Mari MariAcum 4 luni

    I love you Inna...greetings from Serbia

  • Nazlı Kızınız
    Nazlı KızınızAcum 4 luni

    türkçe mi lan bu

  • Diman L
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  • Janeczek221
    Janeczek221Acum 4 luni

    oh my god i love this album amazing edm songs

  • Wizard of Oz
    Wizard of OzAcum 4 luni

    Foarte tare! :)

  • 413 Felix Ortiz
    413 Felix OrtizAcum 4 luni


  • Vlad Levente Viski
    Vlad Levente ViskiAcum 4 luni

    Bravo Inna

  • Juana Maria Agüera Donate
    Juana Maria Agüera DonateAcum 4 luni


  • Татьяна Товкаченко
    Татьяна ТовкаченкоAcum 4 luni

    Super!!! Inna the best♥️

  • Gaby
    GabyAcum 4 luni

    love from romania

  • Kriss G.
    Kriss G.Acum 4 luni


  • Mustafo 222
    Mustafo 222Acum 4 luni

    Можно скачать пожал.

  • Luna Ssr
    Luna SsrAcum 4 luni

    I Adictide with her music,even many music and song best.......!

  • Custrin Lary
    Custrin LaryAcum 4 luni

    Am crescut cu muzica ta ,cu vocea ta particulara INNA ! 🔝🔝🔝 My favourite 🥰

  • алексей овчинников
    алексей овчинниковAcum 4 luni


  • Luna Ssr
    Luna SsrAcum 4 luni

    Lovely akreu,we need team".......! Succes and the Good and clever music create all era........... !

  • Alex Alexutu
    Alex AlexutuAcum 4 luni

    Melodia de la minutul 15:20 stie cineva ?

  • Alex Alexutu

    Alex Alexutu

    Acum 3 luni

    @FdeMath multumesc

  • FdeMath


    Acum 4 luni

    One Reason

  • Janine Dean
    Janine DeanAcum 4 luni

    Flawless sound. Impeccable talent! Way to go, girl!

  • Janine Dean
    Janine DeanAcum 4 luni

    Sound impecabil. Albumul arata un talent urias.

  • M. A.
    M. A.Acum 4 luni

    Mazza Jaja song says "Let's go enjoy have fun, let's go crazy" in Hindi 😂 I'm not even Indian.

  • M. A.

    M. A.

    Acum 4 luni

    @Ammar Ahmed Then you should read the lyrics online. It says words in Punjabi or Hindi dialect.

  • Ammar Ahmed

    Ammar Ahmed

    Acum 4 luni

    No it doesn't

  • Heike Huhn
    Heike HuhnAcum 4 luni

    I love you 💋💋💋💖💖💖💗💗💜💜💕💕♥️♥️💓💓💞💞❤️❤️

  • saad zaaraoui
    saad zaaraouiAcum 4 luni

    I love it 👈

  • Arthur Arshakian
    Arthur ArshakianAcum 4 luni

    Best track.. Till Forever !!

  • King Armish
    King ArmishAcum 4 luni

    Every song has its own taste but I really hook with 'Flashback'. Its such a melo and reminisce of past song💔 I love Inna's voice, never gets bored.

    THAILAcum 4 luni

    Long time Canadian Fan. You rock it, with recent as heavy as you did the first! You stay strong Girl!

  • Ramona M.
    Ramona M.Acum 5 luni

    Greetings from Romania. Lovely album! ❤ Thank you for uploading it. 🙏

  • Lucia diaz
    Lucia diazAcum 5 luni

    Awesome. Love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎉

  • Riss rose
    Riss roseAcum 5 luni

    Is the only Romanian artist that she can do this type of songs it suits her

  • Magdalena
    MagdalenaAcum 5 luni

    Amazing !!❤🙈😍

  • Yvonne Ayvon
    Yvonne AyvonAcum 5 luni

    2021😍 wow

  • HAYOTJON Sheraliyev
    HAYOTJON SheraliyevAcum 5 luni

    21:30 music super

  • Olimpia García

    Olimpia García

    Acum 3 luni

    This song??

  • حسین دانش
    حسین دانشAcum 5 luni

    Love 😁😁😄😄😃😃🤩😍😍😍

  • Area Casas
    Area CasasAcum 5 luni

    maza đađa

  • Michael Parkes
    Michael ParkesAcum 5 luni

    Many Thanks for this! I love this lady!

  • INNA Kazakhstan
    INNA KazakhstanAcum 5 luni


  • Boudiaf Abdrezak
    Boudiaf AbdrezakAcum 5 luni

    one of the best albums in 2020 underrated

  • Nesrine Belouassa
    Nesrine BelouassaAcum 5 luni

    I loved the album thank you inna I love the beat your voice is so special amazing beautiful

  • Henrry Alexis Zamora Hernandez
    Henrry Alexis Zamora HernandezAcum 5 luni

    Nunca había notado que placer es escuchar un disco entero de ella... All day!!!

  • Simona Nikolova
    Simona NikolovaAcum 5 luni

    I'm obsessed 😍

  • Janine Dean

    Janine Dean

    Acum 5 luni

    Same here

  • Кирилл Hamann
    Кирилл HamannAcum 5 luni

    Super album! Thank you ❣️!

  • Vira Gogug
    Vira GogugAcum 5 luni

    Braviiiiii 😱❤️❤️❤️❤️🙋👌👌👌👌😉😏👏👏👏👏

  • Borealisse Aurora
    Borealisse AuroraAcum 5 luni