'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' Reunion Table Read | Entertainment Weekly

Watch the cast of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' reunite to do a table read of the cult classic film 10 years later. Go to www.waterforpeople.org/pilgrim/ to donate and to enter a raffle to win the drawing in the video.
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'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' Reunion Table Read | Entertainment Weekly


  • _ Mel _
    _ Mel _Acum 7 ore


  • _ Mel _
    _ Mel _Acum 8 ore

    Aubrey Plaza isn’t even acting. She’s just Like That and i love her for it.

  • Marina Montoya
    Marina MontoyaAcum 16 ore

    43:37 😩😩

  • Marina Montoya
    Marina MontoyaAcum 16 ore

    39:45 hes so cute 😭

  • Marina Montoya
    Marina MontoyaAcum 16 ore

    @37:06 you can see Chris running and his dog just at the camera 😭😭😭 he’s too cute

  • Raimundo Araújo
    Raimundo AraújoAcum o Zi


  • Chunky Willo
    Chunky WilloAcum o Zi

    Never in my life... have i hated... Ads...

  • Mark S
    Mark SAcum o Zi

    Ellen Wong looking pristine for 36 years old

  • Shii Sama
    Shii SamaAcum 2 Zile

    Wheres brie larson?

  • Anju Daniel
    Anju DanielAcum 2 Zile

    Everyone seems like doesn't age much, besides the beard ofc....

  • Viktor Solovyov
    Viktor SolovyovAcum 3 Zile

    They all are soooo coool!

  • rocio belen
    rocio belenAcum 4 Zile

    me gusta

  • Philipp Ruiz Lozano
    Philipp Ruiz LozanoAcum 4 Zile

    😄 this is amazing 💙

  • Little Paper
    Little PaperAcum 5 Zile

    Niel isn’t there :((

  • Eugene Lepokhin
    Eugene LepokhinAcum 5 Zile

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - one love...

  • Jair :s
    Jair :sAcum 5 Zile

    41:15 is that the baseball furies soundtrack?

  • Brian Rysei
    Brian RyseiAcum 5 Zile

    Age has been kind to literally everyone in this cast, so much that a sequel could be made

  • Patrick Black
    Patrick BlackAcum 6 Zile

    The guy plays Todd and Anna K are truly good sports

  • Lima Longkumer

    Lima Longkumer

    Acum 6 Zile

    Indeed. Anyway can you put timestamp for every drawing.

  • Alacar Leoricar
    Alacar LeoricarAcum 7 Zile

    This movie would cost ten times to make if they used the same cast these days because EVERYONE blew up after this movie.

  • Pushkar Junghare
    Pushkar JunghareAcum 7 Zile

    best of the best movie

  • Rod Hernandez
    Rod HernandezAcum 7 Zile

    This was great! Thanks for doing this!

  • Peter Jarahian
    Peter JarahianAcum 8 Zile

    They skipped the best line of the move when Chris Evans as Lucas Lee looks at his phone, chuckles to himself and says "That's actually hilarious". Love that friggin line! No idea what he was referencing! So mysterious and the friggin funniest! Ahhh, they had to edit for the format though. My loss.

  • noah satz
    noah satzAcum 8 Zile

    "You are a pretty good actor", "I'm going for the Oscar this year". The smiles said it all lmao

  • Don Adanich
    Don AdanichAcum 11 Zile

    What a phenomenal cast this movie had! 😮

  • Fuby TV
    Fuby TVAcum 11 Zile

    Ellen Wong is so cute! I think I have asian fetish. Oh wait, I'm an asian myself.

  • tiestofalljays
    tiestofalljaysAcum 11 Zile

    Young Neil :(

  • tiestofalljays
    tiestofalljaysAcum 11 Zile

    Is it normal for the cast of a movie to be so in love with said movie? This makes me appreciate this movie even more haha

  • tiestofalljays
    tiestofalljaysAcum 11 Zile

    lol Michael Cera looks like Michael Cera pretending to be Michael Cera

  • michael kurland
    michael kurlandAcum 12 Zile

    Scott Earns the Power of self respect

  • Scott Pilgrim Fan
    Scott Pilgrim FanAcum 12 Zile

    0:12 “Are we aloud to blink?” Fun fact: In the Scott Pilgrim Movie, the actors didn’t blink much so the movie could give off a more Comic-y vibe yk?

  • Evan Karmis
    Evan KarmisAcum 12 Zile

    Scott Pilgrim, lv15 monk, lv5 bard, lv20 dork

  • Alexandre Navarros
    Alexandre NavarrosAcum 12 Zile

    Where is Neil?

  • CAJS99
    CAJS99Acum 12 Zile

    If anything they should do a Scott Pilgrim sequel animated movie or something with this same cast.

  • NinjazFTW1312
    NinjazFTW1312Acum 13 Zile

    this is the closest we will get to a sequel folks

  • Xxcastout
    XxcastoutAcum 13 Zile

    Is that packman thing a true fact

  • Jay El Lobo
    Jay El LoboAcum 13 Zile

    This made my year so amazing

  • Come y entrena mx
    Come y entrena mxAcum 14 Zile

    Where is kieran Culkin?

  • King Of Bel
    King Of BelAcum 14 Zile

    They all aged really well, and I am surprised they can still act the lines perfectly.

  • Mike Holmes
    Mike HolmesAcum 14 Zile

    I think I must have watched the Film 12X or so. As just a light, fun, lark of a movie. Then midway through the 13th viewing it cold cocked me. There is something magical about this work. I gotta quote Peter Murphy here "It's Deep!" Much respect to the cast & creatives. Michael.

  • BigAvocado
    BigAvocadoAcum 15 Zile

    Where the FUCK is young Neil

  • Kevin D
    Kevin DAcum 15 Zile

    love it

  • Kai Cook-Daniels
    Kai Cook-DanielsAcum 15 Zile

    I wasn't intending to watch the while thing but I can't stop Ps the best line in the movie @ 36:40

  • Antonio Molina
    Antonio MolinaAcum 15 Zile

    This is a gift for humanity

  • Freedom Toys
    Freedom ToysAcum 15 Zile

    Knives is more adorable in real life then in the movie. I love her.

  • Green Kanvaz
    Green KanvazAcum 16 Zile


  • Nick Montenegro
    Nick MontenegroAcum 16 Zile

    And Captain Marvel

  • Nick Montenegro
    Nick MontenegroAcum 16 Zile

    Wait, Superman and Captain America stared in Scott P

  • Iconic Haku
    Iconic HakuAcum 17 Zile

    I'm crying. This is one of my favorite movies from my childhood. I just found out about this because of a tik tok commercial. Now I want to watch this all the time😭😭

  • Raspberry Juice Entertainment
    Raspberry Juice EntertainmentAcum 17 Zile

    My god literally everyone aged like fine wine

  • Vishawn
    VishawnAcum 17 Zile

    Imagine Chris skateboarding with infinity war suit and beard with leather jacket and captain America shield

  • TheLytz
    TheLytzAcum 17 Zile

    That one dude nailed Wallace's mannerisms

  • Lit Jonas Productions490
    Lit Jonas Productions490Acum 17 Zile

    I was so sad that Wallace and young Neil weren’t there they were my fav characters of the whole movie

  • Kevin M.
    Kevin M.Acum 18 Zile

    We need Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 2

  • imicca
    imiccaAcum 22 Zile

    ending has changed right?

  • imicca
    imiccaAcum 22 Zile

    Knives is amazing

  • Iconic Hunny
    Iconic HunnyAcum 22 Zile

    Can someone pin all the time stamps of when Chris Evans speaks?

  • Higher Quality Uploads
    Higher Quality UploadsAcum 23 Zile

    46:45 The iconic coffee shop scene

  • Julliana Salonga
    Julliana SalongaAcum 23 Zile

    the vegan guy has the same outfit lol

  • Jefsson
    JefssonAcum 23 Zile

    I'm Waiting for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2!

  • JayThunder79
    JayThunder79Acum 24 Zile

    I love that Brandon Routh is wearing the 3 shirt.

  • Jefsson
    JefssonAcum 24 Zile

    36:00 Kim I know he's a idiot, Actually he still a idiot... Hahahahahha

  • Anarchiasz
    AnarchiaszAcum 24 Zile

    Did anybody notice that Max Webber wore the Stephen's cowboy like shirt with Sex Bomb-Omb's logo?

  • Ana Cristina Ríos Lara
    Ana Cristina Ríos LaraAcum 25 Zile

    Brandon Routh = always cool

  • Sekusamu
    SekusamuAcum 25 Zile

    It's funny how the auto-generated English captions bleep out the Nega of Nega Scott. The caption generator thinks that it's the N- word, like she's calling him N_____ Scott.

  • Jeriko Silversmith
    Jeriko SilversmithAcum 25 Zile

    You listen hard bucko

  • William Alexander
    William AlexanderAcum 26 Zile

    Matthew Patel was the funniest character behind Anna Kendrick's facial expressions

  • usual
    usualAcum 26 Zile

    Envy : what's her name? Scott : oh, i'm not telling you that. Ramona 45:30

  • Virulent.Z30
    Virulent.Z30Acum 26 Zile

    Why do I get D&D vibes with this read through, I love it.

  • IncoTSG
    IncoTSGAcum 28 Zile

    watching this at 2021, anyone still alive?

  • J B
    J BAcum 28 Zile

    Who down-voted this? 🤨

  • Rachel Hopkins
    Rachel HopkinsAcum 29 Zile

    Where’s young Neil? 🥺

  • Danger Field
    Danger FieldAcum 29 Zile

    This is the perfect movie for a cast read through.

  • Kino Dizzle
    Kino DizzleAcum 29 Zile

    58:18 it's the little things in this movie I love too 😆 the way he says "thanks tool" makes me laugh everytime

  • Ben Rogencamp
    Ben RogencampAcum lună

    Of course, Brie Larson would consider herself too top shit to do this. Chris fucking Evans made time.

  • Mark Cea
    Mark CeaAcum lună

    this movie is s well written and directed, and the cast are all perfect for the roles. Iconic movie.

    ANONYMUZAcum lună

    I need those drawings 😭😭

    SLE4ZY SUPERMANAcum lună

    Such an underrated movie and my favorite Edgar Wright movie even though I loved Hot Fuzz

  • Luisa Maria
    Luisa MariaAcum lună

    Superman and captain america, couldn't get any better

  • Jayden Turner
    Jayden TurnerAcum lună


  • FaktUëL
    FaktUëLAcum lună

    whurz yunk neil? 🤕

  • Kino Dizzle
    Kino DizzleAcum lună

    29:29 just noticed that that rhymed

  • Angela Munro
    Angela MunroAcum lună

    Cera totally phoned it in until Chris Evan brought the eyebrows, then it was game on lol! He stepped it up a wee bit more when Brandon Routh brought his A game and then a bit more when Mae came on! Aubrey Plaza was gold. :D

  • Reggie A
    Reggie AAcum lună

    This was a great reunion

  • David James
    David JamesAcum lună

    I was 10 when this movie came out

  • David James
    David JamesAcum lună

    Brandon on the TV show The Rookie

  • Kino Dizzle
    Kino DizzleAcum lună

    That man sounded exactly like Mr. Culkin

  • Kino Dizzle
    Kino DizzleAcum lună

    WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS!!! I know what I'm doin for the next hour

  • Jeffrey Wright Photography
    Jeffrey Wright PhotographyAcum lună

    This was amazing. That all these actors were able to make time for this project is incredible. It shows how much they really care for each other and their time working together. A shame some of the cast couldn't make it but so many did and were wonderful. Since Brie Larson wasn't able to make it I would have loved to have had Anna Kendrik sing Black Sheep in her place.

  • Brandon Wallace
    Brandon WallaceAcum lună

    Allison Pill looks like Kristen Bell.

  • bopchik68
    bopchik68Acum lună

    Is anyone else disappointed in the way Michael Cera said “delete”? 🥺

  • Nerdialismo404
    Nerdialismo404Acum lună

    One the best movies ever made

  • HardReset
    HardResetAcum lună

    Michael Bacall has a very, very big National Geographic magazines stack!))

  • KeAndrezLand
    KeAndrezLandAcum lună

    Just watched Scott pilgrim a few hours ago and was surprised to see chris evens and brandon routh in the movie

  • aditya gawhale
    aditya gawhaleAcum lună

    Million times better than the 'Friends' reunion.....

  • TeknoMaX
    TeknoMaXAcum lună

    BTW, watching this is kinda weird now that we know Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza had sex in between and after this movie

  • PimpC
    PimpCAcum lună

    Make part 2

  • Bima Perkasa
    Bima PerkasaAcum lună

    They missed "level with me, did we suck?" "Idk. Did you?"

  • Bima Perkasa
    Bima PerkasaAcum lună

    Scott knives breakup scene is still hurting till now..

  • MrSpanners
    MrSpannersAcum lună

    This is such a good movie

  • Fely Andrés
    Fely AndrésAcum lună

    3:00 her?