Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


  • Tiffany Holder
    Tiffany HolderAcum 5 ore


    IΠDΣΣDAcum 5 ore


  • Nour NF
    Nour NFAcum 5 ore

    I just wanna say how disappointed i am in the rap fans when it comes to NF, people are expecting every rapper to talk about drugs or sex but not the real ones who speaks about life and important things like NF does, once you take this path, you aren’t the good for them, once they see his name, they say “ who listens to NF “, real ones do, the ones that want rap to be about something & to be about saving lives like nathan did to me, despite the fact that i can barely find a post talking about nathan in the big pages of rap on the social media, it’s not that it’s so important cause it is not, but NF deserves it, deserves the recognition and appreciation for his hard work, he did a major success with a mixtape so he is A LEGEND, it’s just something i want people to know, nathan deserves much better than that. He’s the realest in the game & for me he’s the best.

  • Qin Tesh
    Qin TeshAcum 5 ore


  • Qin Tesh
    Qin TeshAcum 5 ore

    I love you

  • the power of weebs
    the power of weebsAcum 7 ore

    Everyone bow to the king of rap

  • A Asdf
    A AsdfAcum 8 ore

    That beat is addictive

  • ???
    ???Acum 9 ore

    "you can't just be a rapper" Nf: hold my shopping cart

  • saddy clown
    saddy clownAcum 9 ore

    3:53 IT ??? (the sound is like the movie, I mean-)

  • Marna Palacio
    Marna PalacioAcum 9 ore

    The trashy lip extragingivally kick because ramie energetically rescue down a sudden disease. skinny, ritzy bubble

  • FaceTheOdds
    FaceTheOddsAcum 9 ore

    *Real music til the day we die*

  • Armin
    ArminAcum 11 ore

    Reminds me of Eminem

  • Tashauna Degarson
    Tashauna DegarsonAcum 11 ore

    Your the king of rap sing your a star

  • Vegeta
    VegetaAcum 11 ore

    Everything this man says turns into gold

  • tshomee
    tshomeeAcum 12 ore

    jus' might be, the next best thing, but not quite me

  • Donunique's _World
    Donunique's _WorldAcum 14 ore

    Man, this dude when from '' All I Do'' from '' Clouds''!!!! This dude is on the New Level!!!!!!!!!

  • Buiznest AlDay
    Buiznest AlDayAcum 15 ore

    The music video is great on its own but i feel like it dissipated the severance and authenticity of the song

    BAR AND BEYONDAcum 15 ore

    How do you even set these vids up with the car crashes etc who do you even talk to to arrange???

  • DrtyBallz
    DrtyBallzAcum 16 ore

    I cant stop listening to this... its incredible

  • Justus Gebaler
    Justus GebalerAcum 16 ore

    Best rapper of all time

  • Gavin Ellis
    Gavin EllisAcum 16 ore

    my man make me want to be a singer

  • Brucks Trending
    Brucks TrendingAcum 16 ore

    The Video !!!!!

  • Molly Koenig
    Molly KoenigAcum 16 ore

    This video is so Buster Keaton hahaha!

    CADE NIELSONAcum 16 ore

    Personally, he is better then Eminem.

  • Deeksha P
    Deeksha PAcum 17 ore


  • Gopal Poojary
    Gopal PoojaryAcum 17 ore

    This guys too good

    JEFFERY WISEAcum 17 ore

    wait did this man lag in real life so cool 100% greatest artist ever

  • Big Wayne
    Big WayneAcum 18 ore

    Nf ft Eminem would be absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pistache
    PistacheAcum 20 ore

    Omdat je nu zo iets hebt van, ik ga nu ook ni vragen of ik u eten mag ik heb dit verdiend

  • Pistache
    PistacheAcum 20 ore

    Ooh je kreeg te weinig eten toen je jong was

  • Lebogang Molefe
    Lebogang MolefeAcum 23 ore


  • Scott Powell
    Scott PowellAcum 23 ore

    he is next level.

  • thatoneguy
    thatoneguyAcum o Zi

    Bruh that girl really tryna protect herself with a butter knife 😂🤣

  • Lucy Connelly

    Lucy Connelly

    Acum 11 ore


  • eisha mehroze
    eisha mehrozeAcum o Zi


  • Hannahツ
    HannahツAcum o Zi

    anyone else noticed that he didn't wear Timberlands?

  • XxPanda
    XxPandaAcum o Zi

    That one kid at school

  • its folami
    its folamiAcum o Zi

    this song was hotter than the harry potter movie i swearrrrr we lit NF WE LOVE YOU XOXO

  • S Taka
    S TakaAcum o Zi

    besser spät als nie ....thanks YT that i found you now you are the best

  • Paritosh Negi
    Paritosh NegiAcum o Zi

    00:20 my Pikachu after I give it a thunder stone

  • River illa
    River illaAcum o Zi


  • Sal Craw
    Sal CrawAcum o Zi

    Got it!

  • Trinity Jackson
    Trinity JacksonAcum o Zi

    I got 3 words: WELCOME BACK KING 👑🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 congrats on your baby!!!

  • Jonathan _goated
    Jonathan _goatedAcum o Zi

    Whoever don't know Hollywood what are you doing

  • krazy k
    krazy kAcum o Zi

    yo this video it's off the chain ..see myself in it

  • nubbys vlogs
    nubbys vlogsAcum o Zi

    Love this song nf

  • Nathan Stafford
    Nathan StaffordAcum o Zi

    NF + Immersive portals mod

  • anthony campbell
    anthony campbellAcum o Zi

    I see the king took his own advice

  • Arabpp
    ArabppAcum o Zi


  • Arabpp
    ArabppAcum o Zi


  • fernanda Kelly
    fernanda KellyAcum o Zi


  • fernanda Kelly
    fernanda KellyAcum o Zi


  • Jovan Grant
    Jovan GrantAcum o Zi

    Thank You Jeff Giovinco for introducing me to this song

  • Arsen Lucas
    Arsen LucasAcum o Zi

    Even god is worried now!!!

  • grace rosa
    grace rosaAcum o Zi

    love nf

  • Delila Hein
    Delila HeinAcum o Zi

    Hi king👑

  • braylin
    braylinAcum o Zi

    The best rapper of America 🇺🇸

  • Emanuel Aguirre
    Emanuel AguirreAcum o Zi

    Soy el único latinoamericano? Que escucha NF?

  • Nick Ross
    Nick RossAcum o Zi

    Replay value: PHENOMENAL

  • Nick Ross
    Nick RossAcum o Zi

    Keep em coming bro

  • Dazzle
    DazzleAcum o Zi

    *Bows for the king*

  • iiFxxd
    iiFxxdAcum o Zi

    3:19 is what you’re looking for. thank me later

  • Emily Creech

    Emily Creech

    Acum 18 ore


    CLASSAcum o Zi

    Head in the CLOUDS gota love it

  • Biig Silva
    Biig SilvaAcum o Zi

    Is NF like Old days Em'? Agree or not, I really enjoy his world!

  • mad sauce gaming
    mad sauce gamingAcum o Zi

    Woh, that part in the clouds ☁️ looks 👌

  • liam turner
    liam turnerAcum o Zi

    This kid is the new Eminem watch him rise

  • Ciro Di Marzio
    Ciro Di MarzioAcum o Zi

    Eminem als er noch jung war 😂😅

  • Dustii Santiago
    Dustii SantiagoAcum o Zi

    Nf = most underrated rapper / He's being slept on but this is his prime & we heard it first!

  • Schina
    SchinaAcum o Zi


  • MartexHurtowniaDrzwi
    MartexHurtowniaDrzwiAcum o Zi

    Ronan Lynch ?

  • Noelani Hassoldt
    Noelani HassoldtAcum o Zi

    I like NF because. he don't say cuss word. and he don't do inappropriate stuff. like other rappers. And he is Christian rapper I only know

  • adnan MY
    adnan MYAcum o Zi


  • K.E.Y_u
    K.E.Y_uAcum o Zi

    Who else feels like he can do anything in this world after listening to his music👊👊👊

  • Amon Luffi
    Amon LuffiAcum o Zi

    I dont know if im making movies or Music Videos - the search NF

  • Elisabeth Dougherty
    Elisabeth DoughertyAcum o Zi

    I feel like NF and that fridge are besties

    ATANRUPAcum o Zi

    I am so lucky that I discovered NF in 2019

  • justin magee
    justin mageeAcum o Zi

    Theres that rage Ive been waiting for. He was faking it before but, its so real now. I wonder what did it? Was it a girl or a simple series of steps towards insanity? This is music and pain is the only way to create it.

  • Phoenix Heart
    Phoenix HeartAcum o Zi

    You can tell he's at a better place in life now, I love to see it

  • Adam W
    Adam WAcum o Zi

    429 and the house is smoking? Bro.....that should of said 420...

  • BlufYT


    Acum o Zi


  • Hello
    HelloAcum o Zi

    I just realized he had a ring on😃

  • Dancan
    DancanAcum o Zi

    a little rusty on matching beats with lyric..but still good,some parts it becomes too noisy,like you're saying something important adn the beat covers it,i like songs like why,paid my dues,the search..smooth

  • NRB Shaffarim
    NRB ShaffarimAcum o Zi

    Young Eminem? :O

  • Logan Simpson
    Logan SimpsonAcum o Zi

    1:00 - 1:20.. me to bro. The entire store scene. Is just... me. Lol.

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon WilsonAcum o Zi

    Every song of yours wakes me up, thank you so much.

  • Freestyle Daily Raps
    Freestyle Daily RapsAcum o Zi


  • Niqole
    NiqoleAcum o Zi

    Nate is woke af ✊🏻

  • PlagueBoi
    PlagueBoiAcum o Zi

    Producer: how much transitions do you want? NF: yes

  • just me
    just meAcum o Zi

    im surprised how well he did with out swearing or other profanities

  • Jordan Barton

    Jordan Barton

    Acum 17 ore

    4 albums and 1 mixtape : no swears :)

  • Ochir Vaiya
    Ochir VaiyaAcum o Zi

    Nf is superb

  • Alexander Nel
    Alexander NelAcum 2 Zile

    Lost in the clouds with Marlee and Benjamin 🔥

  • Charles Holbrook
    Charles HolbrookAcum 2 Zile

    Bill gates hollywood corona...... Mans a king

  • Ieva Lideikytė
    Ieva LideikytėAcum 2 Zile

    Oh, that so good, like new eminem younger 😅❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • samm siren
    samm sirenAcum 2 Zile

    NF is that silent kid in class but when he speaks up he does damage

  • Dhrutube
    DhrutubeAcum 2 Zile

    I have a feeling this was inspired from Jumper as if he just realized he could teleport

  • Dhrutube


    Acum 17 ore

    @A G yea it's underrated ig

  • A G

    A G

    Acum 21 oră

    You must be the only other person on earth that has seen that movie.

  • Shawn H
    Shawn HAcum 2 Zile

    Strong old school Shady vibe with this one

  • The kill 93
    The kill 93Acum 2 Zile

    "I get mistook for a lame , with no weight to his name"🔥

  • beselbic
    beselbicAcum 2 Zile

    Sounds like an Eminem cut.

  • rafael mendez
    rafael mendezAcum 2 Zile

    Love 💝 it. never Ñö Hollywood be the man

  • IJ Branch
    IJ BranchAcum 2 Zile

    Favorite video my NF so lit man

  • Miles Davis
    Miles DavisAcum 2 Zile


  • Danny G Vids
    Danny G VidsAcum 2 Zile