"Gone Away" | Dream SMP Original Song


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Song/Vocals by @CG5
Composed with @Axie
Guitars by @Ryan Lafford
Art by calybrii ▶ calybrii
Video Production by Andrew Duemig ▶ andrewduemig
Inspired by the Dream SMP Lore
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I see the face of peace on the horizon,
Rising in the east.
But it only took one moment,
Just one moment.
Now we got battle scars,
And freedom feels so far,
Tyranny was meant to be,
All that remains is an unfinished symphony.
He was so in love with chaos, I could never see.
Good things don't happen to heroes, just like you and me.
It only took one moment,
Just one moment.
These adventures are a gift,
And we will never drift
The thing I built this nation for,
Doesn't exist anymore.
Gone away.
It only took one moment,
Just one moment.
Our life and liberty,
And pursuit of victory gone,
The thing I built this nation for,
Doesn't exist anymore.
Gone away.


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    Is this amogus?

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    Another new song that i can listen to on repeat all day :DDD

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    So manly

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    This song is too good for me. It has a beautiful voices, arts, and animations! Nice work to CG5 and the others that worked hard on this animation! 100/100 I love it! They did a good effort on this amazing song!!! Beautiful highnotes as well. I sang the song and it was amazing!

  • Barry Benson
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    Wait which war was this

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    Tommy : GONE techno : AWAY Reminds me of the betrayal of two friends.

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    This song make me sleep UwU

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    i love this song i love all of CG5's song its so dang good

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    So sad😭😭😭

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    I'm just looking at the belt lol btw i like how the sky just dances with the song lolz

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    but it only took one moment to get i stuck in my head

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    Idk why but this reminded me of this kid in grade 3 acting like he watched the dream smp because I was talking about it with someone, he was saying he was a gamer had a girl friend and how he loved twitch although he doesn’t know anything about it but streams, he acted like he also saw what dream actually looked like irl in too😂😂😂😂

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    Napoleon be like

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    Bro this is one of my favorite songs how do you come up with such good stuff and the art stile is also amazing

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    This song felt like a sad but breathtaking song told from the perspective of Tubbo. Ugh! I F*cking love it!!

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    This was Super Epic #DreamSMP



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    This guy sounds like coldplay

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    cya in 10 years when this gets recommended,

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    just one moment bruh, JUST ONE

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    this almost cry once i learned all the lore of the SMP. ;c

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    pretty sure thats erets tower...?

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    It took one moment. Juuust one moment.

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    2 milion :D

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    *didn’t know this existed I’m happy now tho*

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    I played Homefront: Revolution and this song is kinda fits to that game aswell lol

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    When it comes to me and my enemies peace isn’t a thing nor will it ever be invented I will go to an infinite length to get rid of my enemies no matter what it takes

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    i love it so much

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    thats sad

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    2:37 hits different

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    the 1st part of this song is so chill

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    0:50 TechnoBlade: Don't try it Tommy I have the high ground!

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    This song is so good can u make another plss

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    @Brian Gipanao tommy

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    and whos fighting techno

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    I wanna see them do a schlatt song

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    My friend said "I see a dreamer" is better but this song is way better than "I see a dreamer" it's my favourite CG5 song

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    This gives me flashbacks to when the dream SMP still continued their lore, but now they have left it behing

  • Ethereal Hydra

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    @Frozen Blue i mean the egg is still kinda going on, dream is probably going to get out, and theres still plenty of other people doing things that you havent included.

  • Frozen Blue

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    @Ethereal Hydra Yes, but the egg was destroyed, dream is in jail now and tommy has his discs back

  • Ethereal Hydra

    Ethereal Hydra

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    theres still lore lmao try changing perspectives from one streamer to another like the egg is a thing, the syndicate, wilburs back, fundys dreams thing, etc also wilbur said in his hey and stuff podcast that hes waiting for a few more arcs to end and then hes gonna have a lot more lore in store for us.

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    man i didn't know server in block game could make me sad bruh

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    This is music uwu

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    wait this was a dream smp og song omg this is crazy amazing

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    I like the part where he sings

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    He always does what do you mean

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    😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I Like This Song 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    I Like This Song

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    its been 1 month and this is still my favorite song

  • Manic _
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    If this thing got animated and the animation portrays the rise and fall of Lmanburg, and at the same time, it also portrays the journey of 3 friends then that will be amazing. The story of how the dyslexic child, the annoying nuisance and the brave man became the fearless leader, the unsung hero and the walking dead man.

  • Di4mondd
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    It only took one moment for me to like this video!

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    Cg5, can you make a tommy one? with at the start "I traveled so far."?

  • Bombigoner or allen
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    I definitely miss the old cg5 when he didnt post about dream, made some fnaf songs and other stuff like baldi, batim, normal memes, sonic, etc. memories

  • Stuart Porter
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    I cried when L'manburg was blown up by Wilbur.

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    you cried. just a quick question but how?? Like not tryna be mean here but how?

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    What a banger!

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    How did we get from building stupid buildings to these amazing servers, and RPs again?

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    1273 people the silly🥺😢

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    I’m gonna be honest here, I never meant to click on this song but I love it! CG5 gets me addicted to his songs so easily!

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    this is so good omg

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    It still makes me super sad even if it was a while ago. :(

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    it's the beat's and everything OMG

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    The away part gives me so much chills.

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    PL.Super piosenka! EN.Nice song!

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    :) A W E S O M E



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    i love this song

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    I love CG5 and you mot from Friday night funkin 👍👍⭐⭐🇦🇷

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    no joke my fave youtuber love songs like this :'(

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    This reminds me more of real life then the dream smp such a pog song

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    Bro the art tho-

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    CG5 could you a dream SMP song then have sadist do the animation over it I think most people would enjoy that

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    OMG IT'S SO COOL!!:3

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    Can somebody gimme a summary of the smp cause i haven't seen the stream 🤡

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    @Rere 6B No problem dude!

  • Rere 6B

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  • Jay-is-okay


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    ok there's a good channel to watch that summarises everything. That's EvanMCGaming channel: roclubs.info/glo/A1mxOwASgWGYkvxN20-MBw.html first SMP vid: roclubs.info/gold/t7TRe9WhyqeGh9E/video.html continue watching from there! Edit: i would explain myself but that would take ages

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    Make a bomberman song pls!

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    its so freeking epic

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    i dont know if i should be dancing or crying... BOTH!

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    this is a good song

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    i hate you ROclubs, u didn't recommend this until now

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  • ?fuzzy the fox animates?
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    Ngl it doesnt rlly hit as hard as i see a dreamer I swear if the toxic dream stans get mad at me for having an opinion i-

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    you should not worry. Everyone who watches CG5 has the same opinion (I think)

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    I was hit at these adventures are a gift and we will never drift

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    Me: **Sees background**. Rivals in war games: Hey that looks familiar!

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    me imagining being famous on the dream smp saying: ah ues *WHY AM I NOT HERE* CRYYYYYY

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    ¡Lástima que no estuve allí en ese momento! esa perra para volar el lugar! Debería ser arrestado, oh espera.

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    (Ayy man where's my song also? Just asking.)

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    This song is just AMAZING very nice job cg5 and if you like my comment I'm gonna flip much love👍

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    So no one gonna talk about Tubbo crying?

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  • blade spark
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    Something no one else seems to be talking about is the line “All that remains is an unfinished symphony” While most of us probably know it’s a reference to one of Wilbur’s lines in his great dialogue just before the end of L’manburg, I think in the context of this song it takes on a new meaning for Tubbo specifically. He’s the president now that will is gone and he’s trying to pull the remains of L’manberg back together, what’s left of that unfinished symphony. But he can’t. It’s gone away forever. Tommy is exiled, Wilbur is dead, all that’s left is Tubbo trying to remember what the nation was supposed to be. Even before Wilbur left it in tatters, it wasn’t what Wilbur had envisioned. That’s what drove Wilbur crazy. The thing he built the nation for no longer existed, literally and metaphorically. It’s gone and there’s nothing that can ever bring it back.